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About Us

Nova Enrichment Academy was born out of our passion to connect classroom education to the real‐world. We believe in pushing the envelope to bring out the hidden potential of our students of any age.

In line with our integrity, commitment, and quality, Nova Enrichment has applied for Accreditation from AdvancEd (AdvancED is the largest community of education professionals in the world) as an Education Corporation at the post secondary level (College level).

We do it by bringing high quality content that is creative, immersive, and enriching. Our content is delivered by committed and highly qualified educators possessing extensive teaching experience. All of our educators are just as passionate as us to make a difference in the student’s lives.

Our STEM program develops Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics knowledge in an integrated fashion where we bring a wide variety of real-world problems and solutions. Our programs also have an Art component as a way of offering more diverse learning opportunities and greater access to STEM for all types of learners. Our vision is to help stimulate critical thinking and reasoning in order to groom the next generation of inventors and problem solvers.

Our Math, Language, and Specialized courses for students improve their knowledge of the school curriculum, develop problem solving skills, and enhance their overall academic performance.

We offer professional development and career enhancement courses for adult learners in areas such as Personal Finance, Teacher Training, Programming, Information Technology, and Project Management.

NEA continues to invest in developing partnerships with industry, academia, and government influencers such as NASA, LCPS, Read Write or Think, Fly To Learn, Young Engineers of Today and EIE to offer the best academic and learning experience for students.

We are centrally located for the residents of Brambleton, Loudoun Valley, Moorefield Green, Broadlands and neighboring areas.

“To think outside the box, first we need to know the box otherwise how do we know we are actually outside the box.”

We have a strong roster of educators, professionals and partners in our team. Here are some of the core members of our team…


Ekta Singhal
Ekta Singhal is the Founder and Director of NEA and passionate about bringing the best quality education to adults and children alike. As a STEM specialist, Mrs. Singhal has conducted STEM teacher training for multiple school systems as well as taught STEM to students of all ages. Mrs. Singhal has considerable experience holding large scale (up to 700 students) STEM community events, STEM assemblies, and lectures. She has been featured in newspapers and television on multiple occasions. She is also the Co-Chair of Loudoun County’s Commission on Women and Girls for STEM/STEAM area. Mrs. Singhal holds a Bachelor of Technology with a major in Electrical Engineering and a Master of Science in Computer Engineering with a focus on computer security.



Tom Dubick
Tom Dubick
TED Talk Veteran, Talented Science, Technology, Engineering, Math, educator with over 24 years of experience as a teacher and an Engineering education advocate, who has promoted STEM education in and outside of the K-12 classroom.

Jennifer Rivinius
LCPS Teacher

Sheree Wong
LCPS Teacher

Robert Skiffington
LCPS Teacher

Neha Rao


Janet Dewey
LCPS Teacher

Dian Cronan
LCPS Teacher

Morgan Mines
LCPS Teacher

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