Ask the NEA Teacher Program

Nova Enrichment Academy launching a new program called “ASK THE NEA TEACHER.”

If you have a question about anything related to the education of your children, go ahead and ask our experienced teachers. It doesn’t matter if your child is entering Kindergarten or planning to apply for Graduate studies. We have teachers and experts who can answer just about any question you can think of! Need help in deciding middle school courses or referrals for books to prepare for a test or which skills are crucial to develop at what age?

It is as easy as sending that question to us and we will have one of our teachers answer it for you. From reading development to college admission and financial aid, we can help you navigate the waters… ALL FOR FREE…

Why do we have this program – Because our teachers and experts have gained a lot of knowledge over their extensive teaching career and NEA brings these experts under one roof as a team to give the most back to the community!

Send your questions to:
We will post the question and answer on our Facebook page for the whole community to see.

Note: Nova Enrichment Academy has sole discretion in selecting the questions to answer. While we will try to answer as many questions as possible, not all questions may be answered.