Nova Enrichment Academy Open STEM Lab Attended by 200+ People

Our first open #STEM #LAB saw a great turn out. Big shout out to our staff and volunteers for spending countless hours preparing for the event and making it a great experience for 200+ attendees.

With 11 exhibits, including #3Dprinters, #Windmill, #Hydromill, #Robots, #Circuits, #ForensicScience, and #UnderWaterROV, we shared lot of information in a short period of time. The idea was always for parents to observe what technology excites their children and then find programs (at Nova Enrichment or elsewhere) to further flame that curiosity. This is especially important for parents of young girls because they tend to be stereotyped and pushed out of high-tech world. Off course, our experience has shown that girls are just as interested, in #STEM, as boys if they experience it in the early years.

Overall, thanks for all the positive feedback. It gives us significant motivation to continue to hold more free community events in the future.

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