A look inside Nova Enrichment…

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Very good program. Would like to come back [have my daughter attend to other workshops she is not registered for]Anand
My son really enjoyed his classLisa
My son is very much excited for coming to class.Sridhar
My daughter seemed all excited. She talks a lot at home about the projects being done.Ram
My son is really excited coming to Nova Enrichment Program. He has never been so happy in other summer workshops. Glad he is learning, remembering and sharing information.Murali
My son had such a great time! He loved everything and learned a lot! He talked about the program at home a lot! I wish we signed him up for the whole summer!Nicole
Great learning & enrichment experience with fun & art mixed in together. My kids love it!!Soumya
My son was very enthusiastic about topics presented and said this it was the best camp. Understanding the concept of reflection, refraction and UV light was surprising even to us. The ARTS and hands-on helped better understand the concept.Anonymous
It was amazing to see the energy and enthusiasm these kids showed in sharing their projects. I’m very happy to see that so many concepts were covered in just a week-long camp in a way these little kids could grasp it.Venkatesh
I loved that you were also able to incorporate creative writing and presentation skills in a robotics camp. Everything together makes them not only enjoy the camp but also build on various skills. Thank you!Vaish
Tanav totally loved the lego engineering project. So excited to show all his work, the terminology he is using is outstanding. As a parent, I am proud of my kiddo!Kranti

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