Nova Enrichment Academy is committed to impart the best of the knowledge. We provide scholarships to exceptionally bright and deserving students regardless of whether they attend NEA or not. To get more information on the selection criteria and application forms, please email us at contact@novaenrichment.com .

Founder’s Scholarship and Philanthropic Giving History

2015 – Nova Enrichment Academy Young Scientist Award were given to 3 projects at the 34th annual Loudoun County Regional Science and Engineering Fair. The selection criteria was: A solution to human need that is technically feasible and economically viable.

2014 – $2,000 for Library Books in Creighton Corner Elementary School

2013 – $2,000 to PTA of Creighton Corner Elementary School for Garden Classroom Project

2013 – 4 laptops to underprivileged students in Creighton Corner Elementary School