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Science Technology Engineering Math (STEM) – AFTER SCHOOL

Exceptional teaching and engaging subject.Sushmitha
My son couldn’t say enough about this program. He loves it!!!Kimberly
Really amazed with the technology and presentation. Child has learned a lot and shown lots of interest after the first day. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.Aditi
My son has learned new techniques in programming. He is very much interested in robotics and loving forward to learning more.Sridhar
My child was already interested in the subject matter, but the curriculum had him energized all week. He couldn’t stop talking about it!Philip

Our integrated STEM program is based on solving real world problems where kids are able to connect and apply the classroom learning to the real world issues.

In addition, our educators are highly qualified, generally possessing graduate or doctoral degrees and previous STEM teaching experience. At NEA, STEM goes beyond gadgeteering as our educators deliver the required academic rigor for the children to see both theoretical and practical application of STEM. This makes our program a well-rounded course that teaches theory, collaboration, critical thinking, problem solving, and innovation that can be applied to any career.


Give your child a competitive edge! – Our students learn technologies today that others learn 2-3 years later!


NEA Aug 2016 STEM Certification Class

Batch of Summer 2016



We train teachers so that they can effectively integrate and deliver STEM curriculum in their own classroom.
There are four levels of training:

  • Nova Enrichment Certified STEM Associate (NCSA)

  • Nova Enrichment Certified STEM Educator (NCSE)

  • Nova Enrichment Certified STEM Specialist (NCSS)

  • Nova Enrichment Certified STEM Trainer (NCST)

Contact us for more details or to schedule a training for your school’s teachers (844-838-9700).

Assembly and Events

STEM Assembly and STEM Events

Nova Enrichment Academy can visit your school for a STEM Assembly (up to 750 students per assembly) or STEM Night Event (2 hours or less). To coordinate a visit, please contact us at 844-838-9700.